Collin Mathis



Portfolio Website

This is my first project that I created for myself. It has minimal Javascript, using Bootstrap as styling (with some custom CSS), but basic HTML coding. I am using AWS Amplify for server hosting and AWS Route 53 for DNS.


Main Street Quilt Guild

This is my first commissioned website. It uses express, node, vanilla javascript, bootstrap with some custom css. I am using heroku for server hosting and namecheap for DNS. It is not fully finished, but it is live. I will utilizing a CI/CD practice to improve functionality over time.


Beljapur Cattery

This is a website utilizing a CMS, Wix, to host this website. I only assisted with the setup for Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Ads.


Inventory Tracker

Built a web-app to keep track of rolling inventory items. Using basic CRUD elements. Started using Node, MongoDB, Express. Starting to build a basic understanding of coding concepts. Not live.


Eclipse Timer

I created a countdown timer for the City of Georgetown regarding the Eclipse coming up on April 8, 2024. I'm using JavaScript to make constant updates every second and Bootstrap to style/flexbox.


Salary Calculator

I created a salary calculator for the City of Georgetown. This calculator will display salaries and incentives to recruit Fire Fighters for the City of Georgetown. I used JavaScript, JSON and Bootstrap to display the data.



Hello everyone! Thank you for viewing my Portfolio. The layout of the website was created using Bootstrap 5 and some custom CSS. I have been practicing web development for more than a year now and landed my first job in development in January of 2023. I used a range of tools such as Udemy, CodeWars, the Odin Project, CodeCademy, freeCodeCamp and on the job experience.

I started my career working in Information Technology, moving from a Helpdesk role, then to a Systems Administrator, and finally an IT Consultant. I accumulated over 7 years of IT Support skills creating/deploying servers and network architecture all while supporting my clients.

Unfortunately, IT Support was not fulfilling me creatively, so I wanted to transition into something with a more creative outlet. I had a strong aspiration to pursue computer coding, yet I held the misconception that one needed exceptional intelligence to grasp the breadth of knowledge required to master the art of coding. I was deterred from pursuing this early on in my life because of the requirements I had built up in my own head. Then, I started talking to my neighbor about it, and they believed I was well-equipped to learn how to code. They told me, "Anyone can do it!" And now, here I am—a full-fledged web developer! I may be a junior, but I am a web developer nonetheless!

Thank you for visiting my site. If you would like to inquire about me developing your site, please feel free to reach out to me any time!